Saturday, November 15, 2014

Natural Psoriasis Remedies

I can't believe that a year has passed since I last posted on my psoriasis blog. It was 13th November 2013 that I last posted and today is 15th November 2014. My apologies to my regular readers, life got in the way. This past year has been incredibly busy for me and at times very exciting. How many people do you know who have been capsized in a large sailboat in a big open ocean storm? That was the exciting part and it resulted in multiple speaking engagements and much time spent writing articles for magazines and for my own boat design blog. To read the exciting part, go to the archived posts from January 2014.

My psoriasis has not been forgotten in the past year. Psoriasis is not a condition that can be forgotten; it needs ongoing attention or it will creep up and up to levels that become progressively more difficult to treat by simple methods. If neglected it will end up requiring aggressive treatments and some of those can be dangerous to your health. I prefer to keep it under control and at a level that needs nothing that I can't buy in the food aisles or over the counter at my local supermarket.

Those who have read much of my blog know that I hold a low opinion of the drug-happy approach of the USA medical profession. The drug industry encourages and preys on the tendency of many people to take they path of least resistance, i.e. the easy way out. It is much easier to pop a pill or have an injection than to follow healthy eating principles. Why would anyone want to hassle with eating wholesome food to sort out their health issues, staying away from fast food outlets, prepackaged TV meals and restaurants that load their fare with sugars, salts and deep-fried goodies, when the alternative is the convenience of quick-fix medications and meals that are quick, easy and really tickle the taste buds? And the answer is? Those who really care to take back control of their own health, who want to take responsibility for their own bodies instead of handing over to the medical autopilot that is steered more by the profit line of the drug suppliers than the welfare of the patient.

That may sound harsh and extreme if this is a foreign principle to you. But think about it in more depth. Isn't eating food for which your body was designed less extreme than forcing it to process all sorts of stuff that it is not equipped to process efficiently? Force ingredients into it that it doesn't know how to process properly and you will have a bunch of harmful by-products cruising around your body with no useful function to fulfill. They have to be expelled from your body in some way or may be absorbed into cells where they get up to no good. They show up as psoriasis, arthritis and a bunch of other auto-immune conditions that involve inflammation of skin, mucous linings, muscles, joints etc all over the body.

Some of the damage done long-term by those by-products is permanent but much of it can be undone over weeks, months or years. Eating healthy and supplementing sensibly can make the difference between a long fruitful life and one of discomfort and pain that can eventually turn you into a cripple.

OK, so what is the point of this rant from me? Today I read a great post on Bottom Line Health, written by April Abernethy, ND,naturopathic physician and interim chief scientific and medical officer at the National Psoriasis Foundation in Portland, Oregon. What she wrote aligns exactly with my own thinking and what I have been saying for years. Sometimes I felt like a voice in the wilderness, with few people accepting my point of view and what I proved to myself many years ago.

I ask you, if you suffer from psoriasis, arthritis or any other auto-immune condition, to please read what she says. There is so much in it to help you if you will just accept that you have much greater vested interest in the health of your body than anyone in the medical profession or pharmaceutical industry. You have to live with the results of decisions taken about anything that goes into your body, whether food or medication. I prefer to stick with healthy food instead of chemicals.

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