Thursday, August 16, 2012

Hotel Room Dangers

Today I was reading in Daily Health News what the four dirtiest surfaces are in an hotel room, aside from the obvious toilet and bathroom sink and floor. They turned out to be:-

  1. Main light switch
  2. TV remote control
  3. Bedside lamp switch
  4. Telephone keypad

I have never worried with cleanliness of hotel rooms unless they looked really gross. I grew up eating snails and all sorts of things that would petrify a mother in today's sterile world, so I have a strong immune system. Mine is an obviously unbalanced immune system, evidenced by my psoriasis, but I am generally pretty resistant to disease.

However, something struck a chord with me in that article. It was the statement that "exposure to any pathogens (germs that carry diseases) raises your risk for getting sick, especially if you are immunocompromised". Think about that statement; you are more likely to become sick if your immune system has been weakened by anything.

Remember that the biologic treatments for psoriasis and arthritis work on exactly that principle, they weaken your immune system. So, if you are on one of those wonder drugs, remember that this is the result and take
additional precautions when you are travelling.

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