Thursday, December 27, 2012

Back Pain Update

I wrote in posts on this blog over the last few months about trouble that I was having with back pain due to psoriatic arthritis and what steps I was taking in my quest to reduce the pain. Well, I am pleased to be able to now write that my back is almost pain-free. It is an ongoing process, of course, but I think that I have a pretty good understanding of what did the most good for me.

I think that it was carelessness on my part that caused my back to trouble me as much as it did. I have had back problems from when I was about 12 years old, after a fall of about 6ft that landed me on my knees on a hard floor. I was treated by a chiropractor and slept on a 4" coir mattress on a solid wooden base for the next 10 years as part of the remedy. It was very rigid and unyielding, so it was funny when friends visited and flopped down onto my bed, remembering with a jolt how hard it was.

That kept my back happy for decades and I became complacent. I didn't take care of it the way that I should have, so eventually it grabbed my attention and I had to pay for it. The final straw was about 18 months ago while working on a vintage car that I am rebuilding. I pushed and twisted at the same time and threw my back out very badly. Against the advice of my chiropractor, I was back surfing and sailing again within 10 days, albeit in a back brace, although he recommended that I lay off for 6-8 weeks.

I have come to realise that there is another contributing factor. I have always relied on my surfing, sailing and hiking on the mountains to keep me fit. That worked well in Cape Town, where there is surf almost all the time, it is warm enough for year-round sailing and I was surrounded by mountains. Not so here in Virginia Beach. The only mountain is a converted refuse dump something less than 100ft high, the winters are too cold for regular dinghy sailing and the occurrences of decent surf few and far between. Here I need to supplement with regular sessions on my home exercise equipment. Work pressures get in the way of me exercising as often as I should, so my core muscles can sometimes get a bit lazy. The result can be a sloppy posture, followed by back pain.

OK, so what have I done that has improved the condition of my back?

  1. Stretching my back. I mentioned that I had a trapeze bar in my home in Cape Town and used to hang upside-down by my knees. The weight of my upper body pulling downward stretched my back and allowed it to realign. I have not figured how to rig that in my home here in Virginia Beach, so had to come up with a different plan. I bought an inexpensive ($20) exercise bar that hooks onto the head of a door frame and I placed it in a doorway where it could stay there permanently. At least 7 or 8 times each day I stop under that bar and do 6-8 pull-ups (chin-ups) before continuing whatever I was doing. I do it with my legs straight but sticking out in front of me at the best angle that I can manage. The hanging stretches my back and I hear the vertebrae popping back into alignment. They are also pulled apart, allowing my disks to suck back into their rightful positions and reinflate, thereby helping to keep my vertebrae further apart. Sticking my legs out in front of me loads up my abs to strengthen my core, helping to keep my back properly aligned.
  2. Doing core-strengthening exercises. Aside from the abs exercise mentioned above, I also do various other core-strengthening exercises and stretches, all aimed at keeping my spine supple and in proper alignment. These include push-ups, squats, body twists and using the rowing facility on my exercise machine. Getting the strength and flexibility back into my core muscles gives proper support to my spine from all sides.
  3.  Supplementing with hyaluronic acid (HA). This substance is the primary ingredient of synovial fluid, the lubricant and cushioning material in our joints. It is also in our ligaments, tendons, skin, lips, eyes and almost everywhere else in the body. It lubricates, binds, fills and makes flexible. As we age, our bodies produce progressively less HA, so our joints bind, tendons and ligaments weaken and lose elasticity, our eyesight weakens and our skin wrinkles. I have found that the right HA supplement has helped to return flexibility to my joints, so maybe I will also see improvements in other parts of my body. I had read that the most effective form is in the patented complex named Biocell Collagen. I found a few brands with Biocell Collagen and chose the brand Hydraplenish, mostly because it was on reduced price special at the time. It worked and I started to feel improvement. When the bottle was empty I decided to try a much cheaper brand, just hyaluronic acid and vitamin C. Within days I felt that I was going backwards a bit, so went back to the Hydraplenish brand. In future I will stay with brands that contain Biocell Collagen.
  4. Further increasing my intake of anti-oxidant foods. This is mostly by increasing the amount of colourful vegetables, combined with reduced red meat intake. Red meat and processed foods generate toxins in the body and anti-oxidants break them down and remove them from the bloodstream. This results in reduced inflammation throughout the body. Reduced inflammation results in improvements in all parts of the body, including joints.
Overall, my back is now way better than it was a month ago. Pain is less than 5% of what it was not long ago. Aside from a mild pain immediately after getting out of bed, I am virtually pain-free. I feel that I am on the right track and will continue along this path.


  1. Great Post! In is important to treat back pain early in its onset in order to avoid further complications.

  2. Hi Dix
    With psoriatic arthritis, did u have the typical sausage like digits on hands or feet any time, do you have any at this time?

    1. Hi Smith,

      I became aware of arthritis symptoms soon after they started and ever since then I have tried to take care of my body with proper diet and staying very active. I think that the longer one ignores the symptoms and delays starting to remedy diet and lifestyle the worse the physical results will be.

      Years ago I worked with a very active man who became physically cripled with arthritis. I watched him go through the awful process of deterioration, research and experimentation, eventually returning himself to good health and activity. I observed but did not know at the time that watching him would help me in the future.

      I don't have any physical signs of arthritis but my chiropractor X-Rays show spurs on my vertabrae that were obviously giving me pain. My regimen of improved diet, taking the right supplements, exercising regularly and stretching joints that show signs of problems has apparently worked to remove the pain and stretch my bones apart to keep me flexible.

  3. Thanks Dix
    Ya i have issues with some of my fingers, toes and wrists and all over muscle or tendon tightness, i need to do some stretches and stregth training , need to get that into one of my priorities in addition to diet, though not a potato couch (walk most of the days 30 mins) i have long way to go there, the pains and getting hurt each time has been my excuse.
    In case you have any suggestions, say sites or video that help on self guided exercises which slowly builds up and aimed at people with arthritis, please do suggest

    1. I think that it is important to concentrate on stretches first, before getting into strength training. Work on loosening up your joints and getting your ligaments flexible or you could hurt yourself.

      There are websites that have exercises but I mostly worked out for myself what I needed. A chiropractor will give you exercise charts.

      I supplement with Glucosamine Chondroitin and Hyaluronic Acid to lubricate my joints.