Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My Goal with Psoriasis Spot

I have lived with psoriasis for a long time. It was diagnosed by a well-qualified member of the medical profession, who immediately started me on the road of treatment with powerful medications. My research led me to realise very soon what dangers lay ahead on that road, so I decided to find my own path through the treatment minefield.

In the years since then, I have had many successes and a few setbacks. I occasionally have a dermatologist check my skin but on the whole I do what I have found to work for me without reference to doctors, my psoriasis has minimal effect on my life and my treatments cost me very little money.

During those years I have also been involved, in a small way,  in helping others to deal with their psoriasis. I was on the committee of the Cape Psoriasis Association in Cape Town, South Africa for many years and I was chairman of that body for a few years as well. We ran public meetings at which we had experts in various aspects of psoriasis treatment talk about their specific area of expertise, ran treatment workgroups and supplied support to anybody with psoriasis who needed whatever support we could provide. All the time I encouraged people to take control of their own condition.

I feel that too many people do not take responsibility for their own bodies, they sub-contract the maintenance of their own bodies to the medical profession, which has often proven itself to be unworthy of the trust that people place in it. My intention with this blog is not to make war with the medical profession but to encourage people to take responsibility for their own health, to take ownership of their psoriasis.

Dont' just follow what the doctors prescribe without first researching the implications of what you are doing.  Your doctor is not the one who will have to spend the future dealing with the side-effects of  what he/she is instructing you to put into or onto your body. You are the one who must live with those results. Don't blame your doctor when something happens that you don't like because you blindly followed instructions. Listen to what he/she says, research for yourself what the medication does and what the possible implications are if it goes wrong, then decide for yourself what you will do.