Tuesday, April 17, 2012


My diet testing came up with a range of foods that I had proven to be bad for my skin. I dropped all of those foods from my diet for a few months. In that time I lived mostly on a vegetarian diet, with cereals for breakfast and salads, fruits and bread for lunch. Supper was the exception and was generally grilled chicken or fish with salads or vegetables. The result was that my skin cleared up completely.

Now I had found out how to clear my skin but I was also missing out on some of my favourite foods. I needed to decide:-

1) Which bad foods I really did not need to have in my life and which ones I wanted occasionally.
2) What level of psoriasis was acceptable to me, as the cost of having those foods back in my life.

I settled on a very low level of psoriasis as an acceptable price for the occasional naughty treat. I lived in the Southern hemisphere, with the hole in the ozone layer letting through more UV rays than happens in Virginia Beach, where I now live. Being a surfer and sailor, I spent much of my life in the sun and ocean with little or no clothing, which helped to control that minor level of psoriasis. I was generally clear all summer and had very mild lesions by the end of winter, which quickly cleared again in the spring.

After we moved to USA the UV benefit disappeared because less of it gets through the intact ozone layer. The surf here is seldom as good or as frequent as in Cape Town, so I am not in the ocean as much. Falling into the less healthy American diet was also working against me, so my skin deteriorated somewhat over the next few years. Eventually I decided that I must take more care with what I eat because it is so easy to eat unhealthy food here. I had to remind myself which foods had proven to be bad for me and should be reduced or eliminated again. My research of 20 years ago proved its value and I was able to almost totally clear my skin again.

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