Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Prune Juice Sets You Free

At the time that I was diagnosed to have psoriasis the medical profession still was not sure what was the cause. Now they have defined it as an auto-immune problem. Auto-immune problems generally have their origins in the digestive system, more particularly the large intestine. Incomplete digestion aggravates these conditions, so it is worthwhile to do what you can to improve that aspect of your body. Any improvement is likely to result in an improvement in your psoriasis. It all comes down to proper elimination of bodily waste products

The title of this post, "Prune Juice Sets You Free", comes for a British radio comedy show that we used to listen to many years ago; I can't remember what show it was, maybe The Goons. It was a funny line in the show but it is true, so take heed. Eating prunes or drinking a small glass of prune juice each day can do wonders to help elimination. Prunes (dried plums) contain lots of fibre and fibre improves elimination.

When I looked back over my diet testing I saw that much of it tied in with good and bad digestion. The foods on the list that aggravated my psoriasis were generally hard to digest. The foods that improved my psoriasis were easy to digest or improved digestion. Vegetables are full of fibre, so they are good for digestion and good for treatment of psoriasis or any other auto-immune deficiency. Red meat is tough to digest so it proved to be bad for my psoriasis.

First thing in the morning when I get up I drink a small glass of water, to flush myself out. Some people make this a glass of warm water, which will probably improve the action. I follow up with a small glass of prune juice at breakfast.

The net result is that it is very rare for me to suffer even mild constipation. If you have any kind of auto-immune condition and you suffer constipation then the two are likely to be related. Irrespective, it is worthwhile to look after your digestion to ensure a long and healthy life.

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